About Linde Mees

For seven years I was part of the management team of Center for ECOintention. This institute has more than thirty years of experience in working with energetic constellations. I was intensively trained by the founders to learn to master this highly specialized profession. I informed interested companies and students about the method and was a teacher in the four year vocational training. Through my extensive experience in numerous projects worldwide, I have become convinced that working on the energetic matrix of a company, brings great benefits.

Since 2017 I work from my own company Whole System Energetics. My work combines a number of elements I always wanted to connect. Working with energy and intention in a practical and focused way. Contributing to the development of people and their environment. Improving atmosphere and communication in the workplace so that cohesion grows and results are optimized.

For some time, I have been combining the method I am familiar with, with a different approach called Innerwise. I am also adding Systemwise consulting. I experience these techniques as a valuable means to deepen and complement my profession. By combining different methods, I have gained more options to identify and restore specific processes in systems. This makes my work increasingly effective.