Transformation programs

Do you want to see positive changes in your company or organization?

Whole System Energetics supports you to:

– Direct your attention and intention in such a way that these help you to achieve your goals.

– Strengthen the resilience and self-organization of your company.

– Create clarity and awareness.

– Improve collaboration and communication.

– Clear up various negative patterns and problems.

What do we do?

Whole System Energetics uses the ECOintention method. This is a program in phases designed to improve the energy of the organization. The phases are:

– The formulation of program goals.

– An energetic scan that reveals the stronger and weaker aspects of the organization.

– Improvement of the energy until energetic vitality is achieved.

– Stabilizing the energy.

– Whole System Energetics connects directly to your organization’s mission, goals and values.

When can I expect results?

Phases 1 to 3 are carried out over a period of 6 to 8 months. Within a year the program will lead to you achieving most of your goals. After that the program will continue to deliver positive impacts on your organization for at least 1 to 1 ½ years. After this period a small amount of energetic upkeep is sufficient.

The transformation program works on three levels of your organization:

Concept level: inspiration, vision, policy, planning, governance, leadership, management.

Realization level: products and services, revenue and profitability, colleagues and departments, buildings and land.

Communication level: internal communication and contact as well as image and interaction with the public, clients and stakeholders.

Who is a Whole System Energetics transformation program meant for?

Are you a director, self-employed, steward of an estate, owner of a company, in some other kind of leadership role? And can you see that there is a lot more potential in your company or organization than you have realized? Then a free orientation conversation with Whole System Energetics would be a good place to start. You don’t need to be familiar with receiving and interpreting the energy of organizations yourself.

What does a Whole System Energetics transformation program require of me?

A transformation program requires your commitment but no effort. Over a period of one year there will be a progress conversation every six weeks. This is where we address the energetic development of your organization as well as developments at the concept, realization and communication levels. You also learn to focus your intention on the goals that you have chosen.