Transformation programs





Positive Change

A company can get stuck. Ideas encounter resistance, performance is behind, there is a negative working atmosphere, sick leave is high or you experience a lack of inspiration and entrepeneurship in your organization. In cases like this, you want positive change.

Whole System Energetics focuses on the organization as a whole, not on the individual components. We work at the basis of your company and implement the desired change on a fundamental level.

We create new balance and increase vitality in order to make changes occur without effort. By bringing healthy flow, communication and collaboration improve. Employee involvement increases. Your company will make a better impression on the outside world. Business performance rises. You will experience a powerful supportive vibe.


Together with you, we formulate objectives. Based on your information, we make a scan of your company that shows to what extent the current constellation supports the desired change. The strenghts and weaknesses of the organization are mapped.

After that we bring new balance to the business system. This happens step by step. We opt for a gradual approach, so that changes are retained and all stakeholders are given the opportunity to acclimatize in a changing organization.

We sometimes work as an ice breaker removing a blockage and making recovery possible. Often as a piano tuner, who ensures that the pianist can deliver the intended concert in the best way possible.

Whole System Energetics works for you on the background on a daily basis. Once every 6 to 8 weeks we have a conversation about the progress. You will rarely see us, but will feel change in all facets of your business.

When can I expect results?

Within 6 to 8 months you will notice that the vitality of your organization has improved and that this makes goals achievable. 4 months later a new balance is found, which will stabilize and ensure sustainable change.

After this basic process it is possible to ask Whole System Energetics to provide permanent support.

The transformation program works on all levels of your organization

Concept: inspiration, vision, policy, planning, governance, leadership, management.

Realization: products and services, revenue and profitability, colleagues and departments, buildings and land

Communication: internal communication and contacts, as well as image and interaction with the public, clients and stakeholders.

What does a Transformation Program require of me?

A transformation program requires your commitment but no effort. Your goals and policy are the guideline for the entire process. We ask you to provide the necessary information to get started. Over a period of a year there will be a progress conversation every 6 to 8 weeks. This approach is supported by your deliberate thinking.